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The state of Georgia killed Troy Davis tonight.

Despite so much doubt about Troy Davis’s guilt — including seven witnesses who changed or recanted their testimony, and three jurors who convicted Troy who later asked that his life be spared — Georgia’s parole board decided he should die. And so tonight at 11:08 Eastern Time, he was killed by lethal injection.

His sister, Kim Davis, wanted to tell you what her brother said before he died:

“When Troy saw that more than 250,000 members signed a petition that was delivered to the board in his name, he called to tell me he was deeply moved. He told me he knew that he had supporters around the world, but he had no idea that the support was that widespread.”

Kim has said that she’ll keep fighting, for the next Troy Davis and the one after that. And she knows so many of us will join her in this fight.

Troy Davis was not alone when he died. Thank you for standing with him.

I can’t find words right now. I can only share what I’ve seen. A great injustice was committed tonight.

It was injustice, and it’s truly shameful for this country that anyone would consider it anything else.

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    It was injustice, and it’s truly shameful for this country that anyone would consider it anything else.
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    The people on are those who care about civil liberties and the future we create for our children.
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